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RE: PAM-5 fairy tale

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> (only for PAM-5 fans with a sense of humor)
> Once upon a time three engineers were given the following problem:
> You stand in front of a 500 meter wide river and you want to 
> cross the river 
> to meet your princess that waits for you at exactly the 
> opposite point where 
> you are now. This river is very treacherous and strong 
> currents run through 
> it. What would you do ?

> The second man, Rich, was the audacious-type of person. He 
> built a small and 
> stylish T-canoe and off he threw himself into the river 
> hoping to be carried 
> safely to the other side with the help of the current. He was 
> never seen 
> again.

That's not the Rich I know. The Rich I know would have something
with a 400-something cubic inch V8 that would either power its
way thru the water or just jump the darn thing. Certainly not
"small and stylish"!

(One cannot help but note, however, that Native Americans
were quite capable of crossing the Mississippi in bark canoes
by going with the current and not fighting it - so much for metaphors...;-)

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled technical discussion... - j

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