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Re: XAUI/XGXS protocol

Rich Taborek wrote on Friday 00:26, March 17:

> .............. A WWDM or Parallel Optics PMD
>  requires its PCS to support /A/, /K/, and /R/ to perform synchronization,
> deskew, alignment and clock tolerance compensation. This information
>  must indeed be transported out through the PMD to enable the remote
> PCS receiver to perform all of the latter functions.


I am very open and flexible with respect to supporting /A/,/K/, etc..
However, I would like to point out that these are completely
unnecessary in my proposal "PAM-5 4-WDM at 1.25 Gbaud".

I do follow exactly the same synchronization steps that you
mention in Albuquerque's presentation, slide # 15:

    "4-lane link synchronization is a 5 step process
         1-4 acquire sync on all 4 lanes individually
        5 align/deskew synchronized lanes "

Since I use the 1000BASE-T PCS instead of the 1000BASE-X
PCS (8b/10b), the only difference is that each lane has its
own 1000BASE-T PCS clocked at 312.5 MHz (instead of the
8b/10b coder) and a SERDES clocked at 1.25 GHz (instead
of 3.125 GHz).

The SERDES takes the four PAM-5 symbols generated by
the 1000BASE-T PCS every 312.5 MHz clock cycle and
delivers them serially to the PMD. Byte sync at the receiver
is performed using the IDLE properties of the 1000BASE-T
PCS. Lane alignment is trivial once you performed byte
sync on the individual lanes.


Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
San Jose, CA 95131
email: kardontchik.jaime@xxxxxxxxxxx