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Re: Unified PMD vs. Unified PHY


A few minor corrections:

Hari was introduced by Mr. Howard Frazier in July in Montreal as the Serial 10
GMII. It's been around a while.

There is no SLP proposal that addresses multi-lane operation that I'm aware of.
You'd better hurry up with that one.

Best Regards,

"Truman, Thomas E (Tom)" wrote:
> Jonathan,
> My reading of the timeline presented in the January 2000 intro
> (
> indicates that July 2000 marks the acceptance of the last new
> proposal, and I'm compelled to push back on your statement
> that brainstorming work is "OVER".
> Looking back over the archives, it was at the November meeting
> that HARI was introduced, and in January 64b/66b was added. Both
> the UniPHY and SLPs proposal were introduced in March.
> Clearly a large set of the 802.3ae members are still brainstorming,
> and should continue to thrash out the merits of these proposals until
> the July vote. There is a lot of work to be done in the meantime and
> we'll need the full 3.5 months.
> Regards,
> Tom Truman
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> Now that the brainstorming phase of the work IS OVER, all of us
> need to do
> some soul searching. We have had a year to position our various
> proposals
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