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Re: Unified PMD vs. Unified PHY


OK, while I'm at, here's something really blasphemous (sp??). I only intend to
play devil's advocate here since I have zero WAN experience:

SONET is a MAN/WAN at a fixed legacy line rate/data rate well below 10 Gbps.

Ethernet is already being implemented as MAN/WAN at 1 Gbps, and as soon as 10
GbE prototypes are available later this year, they will be placed into service
at a 10 Gbps data rate.

Pure Optical Switches for the MAN/WAN recently making big news to all sides of
the LAN/WAN civil war I'm not so sure of, but I'll bet you that many vendors
tweak theirs to handle the LAN rate, rather than to, as you imply "choke" at the
SONET payload rate.

Relatively speaking, where does this leave your argument against the meager
3.125% 64B/66B overhead?

Now I'll step away :-) 


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