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Re: XAUI and 64b/66b


Good point. I ran out of room on the the front page to list the many folks from
the same company in support of this proposal :-)

I'll allow the chair to rule on your question since that's his job.

In this case, I had obtained advance permission from each individual referenced
on the front page of the XAUI/XGXS proposal to also list the company name.

Best Regards,

Patrick Gilliland wrote:
> Rich,
> 1.) I believe it is proper to mention the support
> of 27 individuals for the 8B/10b XAUI/XGXS proosal.
> Typically, at IEEE we do not have companies voting
> their support as a block, and it has been the intent
> of the IEEE not to engage companies formally as
> voting members.
> I have seen quite a number of these corporate references
> in the last few days, and I thought the chair might have
> noticed by now and stepped in.
> 2.) It raises an interesting theoretical question about
> individuals who are incorporated as one-man consulting
> and design services.  Should they be barred from voting
> because their vote might also be interpreted as representing
> the interest of their company?
> Before anyone flames me for 2.), please consider the source
> and the purely diversionary motives.
> Best Regards,
> Patrick Gilliland
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