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Great idea! Coming from the system side of the aisle, it
makes my job a lot easier to design to a mechanical and
electrical specification (perhaps from a vendor but even
better from a standard) for the PMD/PMA (/PCS?) then let
my customer decide what "flavor" he wants to use
(serial/parallel/CWDM, MMF/SMF, SX/LX, etc.). It reduces
the duplicate designs that I need to support all the PMDs
we intend to support (something less than 7???) and allows
me flexibility regarding the vendor I choose for these

Lots of questions still exist:
- mechanical?
- system interface?
- PCS on XGBIC or in system chip?
- probably a dozen more from the XGBIC vendors regarding
  EMI and other specs

This could be a very interesting topic.


"DOVE,DANIEL J (HP-Roseville,ex1)" wrote:
> Perhaps one way of reducing this EMI problem and providing a mechanism
> for swapping media types flexibly would be an XGBIC solution?
> I am thinking that the XAUI or a similar interface on one side, and a
> fiber coming out the other end (attached INSIDE) the module and then a
> screw-tight or bulkhead locking mechanism that allows only the fiber to
> extend out of the box might make things easier for everyone.
> Rather than let it be a "Defacto" standard, why not standardize it
> (as the IEEE has done with MII, AUI and other exposed interfaces)
> and then the system designers can move forward as the PHY solutions
> gel?
> Just thought I would throw some gasoline into this already hot
> subject.  :)
> Dan Dove
> HP ProCurve Networks

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