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RE: XGMII repeater


I understand that you may feel comfortable with that implementation, and
that's great.  But I know I'd have a tougher time trying to sell that type
of implementation to my customers.  Hence the reason I want XAUI to exist,
because I believe that it is a better story as we move forward.  I'm not
saying that because you have a 10G port you have to use XAUI, nor do you
have to use XGMII.  I don't really care what you use as long as that port is
compliant at the MDI.  But for components, it's nice to be able to have some
standardized interfaces that we can develop.


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	Subject:	RE: XGMII repeater

	Hi Brad,
	A pkg about 208 balls, 1.0 mm BGA seems like
	a great choice.

	Since this interface is source synchronous,
	your distance is mainly limited by, SSO noise,
	cross talk, and edge degradation. 

	We have quite a bit of design experience
	using impedance controlled I/O. I would feel
	comfortable with a target of 10-15 inch traces for
	a 32 bit single ended XGMII interface, using HSTL or 
	impedance controlled interface.