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The MII is an example of an exposed interface because it has a
connector specified and the UNH IOL can test to it.

The GMII is not an exposed interface since it is impossible
for UNH IOL to test to it. It is a convenience for the purpose
of writing the standard and (perhaps) for vendors to design
parts to the interface (though I don't know of any PHYs which
support this).

The XGMII will be similar to GMII, not MII. It won't be an
exposed interface and I doubt a connector will be specified
for it (since we're argueing about how few inches it can


Devendra Tripathi wrote:
> Hi,
> Even though I find some comments from Roy a little pessimistic, I too get
> confused sometimes
> by different comments from different people. Could we state clearly that
> XGMII is a possible
> "exposed" interface, on the lines of MII/GMII and also that UniPHY
> architecture is consistent
> with it (I think Howard already said this earlier).
> Thanks,
> Tripathi.

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