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RE: Renaming the WAN PHY

Title: RE: Renaming the WAN PHY

How about "SONET-compatible PHY". While I could agree to drop the "WAN"
portion of the name, we still need to be clear that our proposal is not a
SONET-compliant PHY. There is a significant cost/feature difference. To reiterate,
the "SONET-compatible PHY" has the following key differences:

  1. minimal OH processing (i.e. only 4 OAM bytes, not SONET's 36-A1/2-H1/4=30)
  2. wider clock tolerance (i.e. the usual +/-100ppm, not SONET's +/-4.6ppm)
  3. higher jitter tolerance (i.e. >0.15UIpp of SONET, exact value still TBD)
  4. low cost optics (i.e. for <40km, not the 80/120km of SONET OC-192)

All of which will "bring the cost down out of the stratosphere" to paraphrase a
committee member and in line with the 3x1GE target.


David W. Martin
Nortel Networks
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+1 613 763-2388 (fax)