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New thread on EMI


I was hoping you would expand on this more, but these other data patterns you
refer to, what percentage would you see them as taking in 'everyday' network
traffic?  Relative to idle, are they such a small percentage, or does data you
have collected over the years indicate this to be a viable concern.

I have not as yet analyzed any network data to determine if there is anything
deterministic about the day to day spectral content, other then idle.  I suspect
not, but until one actually looks at it, it is difficult to answer with
certainty.  I would really like to here more thoughts here.

Take care
Joel Goergen

> There are many other data patterns with much stronger signals to cause more
> EMI headache for a system, than the occasional IDLE signals.  Therefore,
> IDLE should not become a problem, if the system is well designed to pass EMI
> test for all repetitive strong signals; for example, clocks and their
> synchronous data.
> AS a result, if we only take care of IDLE by scrambling, the system still
> need a good EMI design to prevent those, strong, repetitive clock and
> synchronous data signals to cause EMI problem.  It implies scrambling the
> IDLE is unnecessary.
> Regards,
> Edward S. Chang