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Support of SW over HBW MMF

Shortwave advocates,

I contacted a couple of people about support of the TIA FO 2.2.1 group and
haven't heard back. I may have made a tactical mistake by not using this

For those of you that are not aware, at the New Mexico meeting, we received
information from the chair of TIA FO 2.2.1 about a need for additional
support in order to complete restricted launch specifications on a schedule
useful to P802.3ae.

Perhaps this is a little terse, but I read it this way: no support of 2.2.1,
then no high bandwidth multimode fiber (HBW MMF) for the standard.

I am under the assumption that this bandwidth improvement work is restricted
to 850 nm operation only. I further assume that this work is important to
both SW WWDM (no, not the combination WWDM/PAM) and the SW Serial solutions
for achievement of the 300 meter MMF objective.

So, who wants to organize the SW supporters and move this work along?


Jonathan Thatcher, 
Chair, IEEE 802.3ae (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
Director of Engineering, World Wide Packets
PO BOX 141719, Suite B; 12720 E. Nora, Spokane, WA 99214
509-242-9000 X228; Fax 509-242-9001; jonathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx