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Re: Interface reality check


Nice job, looks like you've described all the major opinions
of this thread. I don't see much new here (and perhaps I'm
missing something obvious) but I think it is a great job of
putting pictures to the words.

Page 1: I agree with everything here except perhaps the /O/.
  I'd like to understand more about why this is needed.

Page 2: I agree with everything here except the following:
  This applies for any serial PCS, 64b/66b or other. I think
    this is the picture that I envisioned when I started this
    thread and what I understand is the picture that Mr. Rick
    Walker is in support of based on his most recent comments.
  The WWDM encoding may be identical to XAUI or may be
    something else completely. Either way, I'd like to
    see this specified with the encodings supported/
    required by RS only. Even XAUI is specified this way.
    XAUI requires /A/K/R/ for a further encoding of the
    IDLE stream but it takes /I/ as input (along with all
    the others /S/T/d/E/RF/BL/). Our debate is where the
    /A/K/R/ gets stripped off after XAUI.

Page 3: I think that this is the picture you've been in
  support of and the one that the current 64b/66b proposal
  describes. I don't agree with this picture.

Page 4: A minor twist to page 3.

Page 5 & 6: I don't see any difference between these 2 pages.
  I agree with this.

Page 7: A minor twist to 6 & 7. Though subtle, I don't like
  this but I could probably be convinced by using the same
  arguement that allows the 1000Base-X receive state machine
  to treat "everything else" as /I/.

I don't think any of my responses have surprised you. At this
point in the thread, I think we know where each other stands.
It would be interesting to hear a few others weigh in on this.

Thanks for the nice pictures. This should make involvement by
the rest of the group much easier.


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