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RE: WAN PHY name

I have been thinking about this a great deal and have yet to find what is
really loveable.

I recommend that we don't want the "word" WAN anywhere in the definition. To
include it implies that we believe that WAN and SONET are in some way
equivalent. While some people may in their hearts believe this, a number
would be quite adverse....

If we remove "WAN" as an option, we are pretty much left with "SONET" as a
key qualifier (or "Telecom"). What I remember seeing so far:

SONET Friendly PHY
SONET Compatible PHY
PHY with SONET framer
SONET-compliant PHY
Telecom PHY

A number of people voiced dislike for use of the words "compatible" and
"compliant." I remember the arguments being something like: how can it be
compatible and not compliant and how can it be compliant and not SONET.

This leaves:

SONET Friendly PHY
PHY with SONET framer
Telecom PHY

Any more ideas?