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Re: Interface reality check

Dear Ben and Rich,

At 8:33 AM -0500 00.4.1, Brown, Ben [BAY:NHBED:DS48] wrote:
> Please, let's get some new blood in on this discussion! I feel
> like we're in a vacuum.

I would like to add another side dish for your Guinness;
this is a bit reinforcement for XGXS to propagate /A/K/R/ rather 
than having to translate them to /I/.

I have guessed the /A/K/R/ randomization in Rich's mail to work 
pretty well for EMI reduction, but still would like to reserve my 
last one cent to future idle-sequence up-grade by other standard 
such as fibre channel.  Also another peculiar application 
may utilize the /A/K/R/ sequence itself for some other purposes, 
such as field maintenance debugging tool hinted by Mr. Edward Chang.

Once we carriers invest in a 10 Gigabit Regenerator that is a 
pair of two Attachment Units connected back to back with XAUI 
backboard interface, we hope the regenerator can enjoy the future 
up-grade benefits and can carry another idle sequences without any 
field upgrade operation.

If XGXS on the regenerator does not propagate /A/K/R/ or any other 
interpacket gap sequences as it is, our investment may lose strong 
support of potential automatic field upgradability/interoperability.


Osamu Ishida
NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
TEL:+81-468-59-3263 FAX:+81-468-55-1282