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Re: SONET/Ethernet clock tolerance

Dear Paul, Jonathan, and All,

Please accept my sincerely apologies for my un-necessarily offensive 
wording in my recent contribution to this reflector.  I admit to my 
wrong attitude of mind to make discussion.

Paul, very sorry and I hope you kindly allow me to discuss with you 
in another thread that I will re-start here after a while.

Jonathan, thank you very much for your timely alarm indication.
I am ashamed of losing my composure due to my impatience.

All, it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know your own 
impression on the topics of my recent contributions to this 
reflector.  I am a newcomer to this community and hence I eager 
to know how you think and feel.  To date I have little response 
(my thanks to Rich, Bruce, and Seto) that indicate my point is clearly 
recognized regardless of their ayes and nays.  I saw one mysterious 
reaction that suggests me the existence of something like the gag law.  
I feel very ISOLATED to this community and I am afraid I may speak 
different language (yes, this is not Japanese).  This leads me to feel 
too impatience to disgrace myself.

As you know, my company NTT has already invested in 10Gb SDH and 
hence he may not welcome my contribution to this community.  However 
I myself believe that 802.3ae should be optimized to the lowest cost 
solution, and hence made 10GENIE proposal in Albuquerque.

Please let me know your personal perspective on this matter by 
direct e-mail to me (since I'm not sure that this kind of ayes 
and nays is suitable to this reflector).  Of cource if you 
have any additinal information, please do it here in reflector.

Thanks in advance,