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Re: Interface reality check


In GbE, Remote Fault and Break Link are both signaled during Auto-Negotiation
(AN). For 1000BASE-X GbE, AN is a management function that executes mutually
exclusively with normal PCS functions. AN is specified in 1000BASE-X clause 37
while the PCS is specified in clause 36. GbE AN control input is from
management, not the RS. GbE AN functions "take over" the GbE PCS for use as an
AN transport. The GbE MAC, RS, management, AN and PCS functions are typically

My RS proposal simply has the RS receiver treating all control codes not
specified by 802.3ae to have special meaning as Idle. This rule would apply to
every RS receiver.

Best Regards,

Roy Bynum wrote:
> Rich,
> Please explain.  The "remote fault" and "break link" indicators that are in
> GbE, are these transmitted from the RS to the PCS as part of the RS
> information, or are these transmitted from the PCS to the RS during the
> "non-data" periods of received data?
> I am confused.  When you say that the RS translates the 8B10B encoding idle
> characters into an /I/, are you referring to it happening within the same
> box or are you saying this will happen at the remote box that does not have
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum
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