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RE: WAN PHY name

Haven't these traditionally been named for distance.  Perhaps -VLX or -WLX?

Or GLX if you're a Honda fan.


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		There is a "yes, but..." here. To say that because we are
IEEE 802.3
		instead of the ITU doesn't remove the confusion factor. I'm
free to call my
		horse a dog, but it still won't hunt...and it'll sure as
Hell confuse
		people looking for quail.

		To attach the name SONET (or SDH) to something has a lot of
		for telecom people. If everyone insists that SONET go into
the name, we
		should call it the "SONET Incompatable PHY", because in no
real sense is it
		compatable with those features which are unique to the SONET
/ SDH network.
		WAN PHY is better in that it, at least, doesn't confuse
people in the

		Once again, it seems to me that the majority of users
interested in this
		PHY will have a Telecom, as contrasted to Datacom,
orientation. Thus,
		calling it a Telecom PHY makes a natural distinction which
will both give
		potential users some guidance and let Jonathan give
journalists a simple
		set of names they can understand.