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PAM-5 fairy tale

(only for PAM-5 fans with a sense of humor)

Once upon a time three engineers were given the following problem:

You stand in front of a 500 meter wide river and you want to cross the river 
to meet your princess that waits for you at exactly the opposite point where 
you are now. This river is very treacherous and strong currents run through 
it. What would you do ?

The first man, Oscar, being a brilliant engineer with experience in the Navy 
and a person of vast resources, hired a large staff to build a $10 million 
fortified Tomlinson ship that would take him, through a fiercely battle 
against the current, in a straight line directly to the opposite side of the 
river. In parallel, he ordered another team of engineers to build a spacious 
Equal-spa on the other side of the river where he could recover his physical 
shape and appearance after the difficult crossing, before meeting his 

The second man, Rich, was the audacious-type of person. He built a small and 
stylish T-canoe and off he threw himself into the river hoping to be carried 
safely to the other side with the help of the current. He was never seen 

The third man, Jaime, was the cautious-type. He looked around to find a 
better point to cross the river. And there, a few hundred yards down the 
river he saw that the river divided itself into three small and quiet streams 
of shallow water, 160 meters wide each, separated by stretches of land. Off 
he went, swam safely through the quiet waters and returned on the other side 
of the river to meet his princess.

Whether the princess was waiting for them on the other side of the river is 
another story ...