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RE: Interface reality check

Taking Rich's slides that he sent out last Friday, I did a couple of tweaks.
The concept is that the /A/, /K/ and /R/ that are used for XAUI are 10-bit
symbols.  We can make them correspond to /a/, /k/ and /r/ which are their
"byte equivalents."  I put that in quotes, because all /A/s decode to a
single /a/, all /K/s decode to a single /k/ and all /R/s decode to a single
/r/.  The reverse is not true; /a/ is not encoded to a single /A/ (due to
running disparity).  This is the same as in 802.3z.

I left the /O/ in, because I think that it might add some good features in
the future.  But /BL/ and /RF/ got turfed.

This format would work for, or could be applied to, all the current
proposals we have on the table from SLP, SUPI, WWDM, WIS, Serial, MAS/PAM,
etc.  I tried to keep this at an architectural level, not an implementation
level.  I believe that this architecture should permit the majority, if not
all, of the implementations that get built.