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Re: WAN PHY name


'Compatible Optical' could easily be confused with the term
'Compatible Optics' which is the name for lasers on interfaces
that directly feed a WDM system.


Roy Bynum wrote:
> Jay,
> You are stating the very confusion that has been prominent about the WAN
> compatible PHY.  I have not been using "SONET" or "SDH" in the name of the
> PHY specifically because of the confusion that others are presenting.  The
> proposed WAN compatible PHY uses a "SONET/SDH Lite" frame and scramble
> encoding, as well as direct mapping of 802.3 Ethernet MAC frames using a
> "frame stuffing" on octet boundaries, with secondary scrambling of the
> payload.  There have been other presentations that proposed a bit oriented
> "supper character" on non-octet boundaries,  with the same secondary
> scrambling.
> All of this concern about the so-called "name" is just adding to the
> confusion.    It would be just as accurate to call it the "Compatible
> Optical" or "CO" PHY.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum

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