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Re: WAN PHY name


I agree that Ethernet Over SONET (EOS) is not a proposal supported
by a majority of P802.3ae. Indeed it is not even a proposal in
P802.3ae. This is a proposal in ANSI/ITU as described in Paul
Bottorff's Why WAN-PHY? proposal.

If you are referring to the WAN Connections & WAN PHY requirements
proposal by David Martin,

then this seems liks a pretty strong statement. In fact, at least 75%
of the committee voted to have a WAN PHY in the standard back in the
York, UK, meeting in Septmber, 1999. This motion is cut from the
minutes of that meeting.

Motion #1
Move to adopt as objectives (a slide with the following text)
  1. Speed of 10.000 Gb/s at the MAC/PLS service interface
  2. Define two families of PHYs
    A. A LAN PHY, operating at a data rate of 10.000 Gb/s
    B. A WAN PHY, operating at a data rate which is compatible
       with the payload rate of OC-192c/SDH VC-4-64c
  3. Define a mechanism to adapt the MAC/PLS data rate to the
     data rate of the WAN PHY

Moved: Howard Frazer Second: Paul Bottorff
Technical, requires greater than 75%
Vote: Yes 101 No 0 A 8 Pass

Is it your opinion that if the vote was to be taken over again,
that it go from unanimous to having less than 50% favorability?

Please clarify what you mean by Ethernet Over Sonet.


Rich Taborek wrote:
> Jay, Martin,
> I believe that Ethernet Over SONET represents a specific proposal to IEEE
> P802.3ae to map Ethernet to SONET. Two problems with this:
> 1) It is not a proposal endorsed by a majority of IEEE P802.3ae members
> interested in meeting the WAN objectives, nevermind 75%;
> 2) It is not applicable to supporting native Ethernet over the WAN in the
> absence of SONET/SDH.
> Best Regards,
> Rich
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> jay.hoge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > How about EOS/S (Ethernet Over SONET / SDH)? The world extends beyond North
> > America.
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