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Re: XGMII a/k/r


Okay. If I take your description literally, the /lowercase/ means 8b
octet while the /uppercase/ means 10b code-group. Does this mean the
10b code group is transferred across the medium? I don't think this
has ever been suggested, at least since we discounted 12.5 Gbaud

Aside from above, I have a question about the /o/ (I use lower
case because these are carried from PCS to PCS (PHY to PHY?) in
your picture). Would (Could?) these be used to carry your /rf/ &
/bl/? Other than the OAM&P that Osamu Ishida has suggested (XGENIE)
and Fibre Channel "things" (both of which deserve more discussion),
what else would the /o/ carry? Why would /rf/ & /bl/ use dedicated
encodings? This might allow for multiple reasons for /rf/ and /bl/
or even count values or something else clever within the /o/d/d/d/
ordered set.


"Booth, Bradley" wrote:
> Ben,
> I used lower case letters to avoid confusion between what XAUI uses and what
> the XGMII uses.  I had the /O/ code-group generated and terminated in the
> PCS, instead of the RS.  Plus, like you noticed, I took out /RF/ and /BL/.
> I was going to use a different coding for what is on the MDI, but I didn't
> want to create too much confusion.
> Cheers,
> Brad
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>                 Brad,
>                 Other than the missing /RF/ and /BL/
> code-groups/characters/bytes
>                 or whatever we're calling them these days, how is this
> picture
>                 different from page 2 of Rich Taborek's original collection?
>                 Ben

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