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Re: What is 802.3ae WAN-PHY?


The OTN will also require a certain clock accuracy. This is
one of the topics currently under discussion in ITU-T. ITU-T
needs to be made aware that is needs to support 200 ppm client
They will not like it; it requires more bandwidth.


> David Martin wrote:
> Praveen,
> Thanks for the reply. It's important to keep in mind that
> SONET signals will be
> carried as clients of the OTN and that the only clients
> defined to date are
> OC-48 & OC-192 rates. So not only will our 10GE WAN PHY
> operate over today's
> SONET infrastructure, it is also guaranteed to run over the
> future OTN. Any
> non-SONET, non-OC-48/192 based proposal for the WAN PHY is
> gambling on the
> definition of a new client signal in ITU.
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