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RE: Interface reality check


I'm trying to understand something here, so maybe you can help me out with
this.  I know that the ELTE is outside of what the 802.3 TF will be working
on, but is it your concern that by putting non-octet aligned data into the
SPE that this will not work with the ELTE that is going to be defined by
T1X1 and ITU. (I'm assuming that it has not been defined yet.)

In the March plenary, David showed a slide of yours that had the WAN PMD/PMA
components on one-side of an ELTE and the SONET framer and E/O components on
the other side, with a Layer 1 Path Relay in between them.  I'm assuming
that the issue that you have with 64/66 is that the ELTE only goes as high
as the PMA Service Interface, and not through the PCS to be decoded into
byte wide (XGMII like) data.

Is that what your concern is?


PS: how's the leg feeling?

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		To support T1X1 other types of frames aside from Ethernet
format are
		required. Since the format must be determined before the CRC
can be located
		using any part of the existing Ethernet frame to determine
the format is
		not a technique which works.