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Test Patterns


I'd like to comment on one subject you raised in this note. I've changed the
subject since this is essentially a new thread.

It is likely that test patterns analogous to those specified in 1000BASE-X Annex
36A will be made available in 10 GbE PHY parts from multiple vendors. There need
not be a compromise between these test patterns and an Idle pattern which keeps
EMI to a minimum through efficient coding.

Best Regards,

Edward Chang wrote:
> Rich:
> In addition, the /I/, IDLE, signal circulating along the media (or fiber) is
> very powerful debugging tool in a field to test the whole link, as I
> mentioned several times.  I will be disappointed to see this tool taken away
> by a scrambled code.  Although the repetitive /A/K/R/ but not actually
> scrambled code is manageable.  For an optical link, the IDLE should not
> cause EMI problem for us.  I may bring the GbE optical link EMI test at next
> meeting.
> Regards,
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