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RE: Interface reality check


What is the impact on the WAN PHY silicon?  Is it area, cost, complexity?


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		From:	Paul Bottorff [mailto:pbottorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
		Sent:	Friday, April 07, 2000 5:26 PM
		To:	Booth, Bradley; HSSG
		Subject:	RE: Interface reality check


		The octet alignment issue has nothing to do with an ELTE
(except that an
		ELTE must implement a portion of the WAN-PHY). This issue is
the impact on
		silicon for the WAN-PHY.



		At 02:41 PM 4/7/00 -0700, Booth, Bradley wrote:
		>I'm trying to understand something here, so maybe you can
help me out with
		>this.  I know that the ELTE is outside of what the 802.3 TF
will be working
		>on, but is it your concern that by putting non-octet
aligned data into the
		>SPE that this will not work with the ELTE that is going to
be defined by
		>T1X1 and ITU. (I'm assuming that it has not been defined
		>In the March plenary, David showed a slide of yours that
had the WAN PMD/PMA
		>components on one-side of an ELTE and the SONET framer and
E/O components on
		>the other side, with a Layer 1 Path Relay in between them.
I'm assuming
		>that the issue that you have with 64/66 is that the ELTE
only goes as high
		>as the PMA Service Interface, and not through the PCS to be
decoded into
		>byte wide (XGMII like) data.
		>Is that what your concern is?
		>PS: how's the leg feeling?
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		>		From:	Paul Bottorff
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		>		To:	Rick Walker; Paul Bottorff
		>		Cc:	HSSG
		>		Subject:	Re: Interface reality check
		>		Rick:
		>		To support T1X1 other types of frames aside
from Ethernet
		>format are
		>		required. Since the format must be
determined before the CRC
		>can be located
		>		using any part of the existing Ethernet
frame to determine
		>the format is
		>		not a technique which works.
		>		Cheers,
		>		Paul
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