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Re: (SSIG) Taking the winning route


even if we don't consider cost I would change your statement
"WWDM meets all HSSG MMF objectives as well as SMF objectives to 10km."
to WWDM POTENTIALLY meets (or WE HOPE WILL MEET)  all HSSG MMF objectives as well
as SMF objectives to 10 km.

So far I didn't see any convincing proof that WWDM can support 300m of installed
base MMF (as a matter of fact
any distance of installed MMF). I also expect that such proof if it will come, will
require a significant ammount of work
as was the case for Gb Ethernet. It is in fact necessary to field test the
transceivers with a large sample of existing
"fairly unknown" installed MMF. A long painful process that potentially could delay
the standard ratification (sounds familiar?).

So why eliminate a solution that is the only one proven (multi vendor testing) to
work to embrace an unproved solution that
is recognized (I believe you agree with this although we disagree on the amount) to
be more expensive?

I believe this point has been raised from other members before but so far no one
has answered.
Are you aware of any data that I didn't see?

Giorgio Giaretta

Rich Taborek wrote:

> Vipul, Rob,
> It should be pointed out that a Serial 850nm solution only partially meets one
> HSSG distance/cable plant objective: 300m on MMF. However, this MMF must be the
> new, enhanced MMF. The Serial 850nmsolution addresses no SMF objectives
> WWDM meets all HSSG MMF objectives as well as SMF objectives to 10km.
> I agree with Vipul's choice of 3 PMDs as the best possible PMD set to address
> HSSG HSSG distance/cable plant objectives.
> Best Regards,
> Rich
> --
> Vipul Bhatt wrote:
> >
> > Rob,
> >
> > Rob Marsland wrote:
> > >
> > > Finally, I hate to be annoying, but this is the SERIAL sig.  Since when is
> > > WWDM a serial solution?
> > >
> >
> > There is nothing annoying about your question. I should answer. I believe it
> > is in our (the Serial SIG's) best interest to rise above our Serial focus and
> > recognize that an "all Serial" set of solutions that meets all the distance
> > objectives is not something our customers are willing to sign up for. By
> > proposing a set of three solutions - two of which are Serial - I am proposing
> > a set that has the highest chance of being accepted by our customers and the
> > majority of 802.3ae members. I understand you disagree, and I respect your
> > opinion.
> >
> > Vipul
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