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RE: What is 802.3ae WAN-PHY?

Title: RE: What is 802.3ae WAN-PHY?


The presentation I made in Albuquerque:

clarified requirements for a WAN-compatible PHY. This considered ongoing activities
in other standards bodies such as ANSI/ITU. Our WAN-compatible PHY proposal:

meets the above requirements. A key benefit of this approach is that P802.3ae does
not need to be concerned with steering work in other standards bodies to ensure an
ELTE will support 10GE. Your proposal would require P802.3ae to drive work in
ANSI/ITU in order to define a XGENIE/ELTE mapping. I don't believe such an effort
is within the scope of P802.3ae. At a minimum, our March 2002 target would be
dependent on progress in other standards bodies. Note that the XGENIE OAM bytes
attempt to duplicate a portion of the existing management capabilities of SONET/SDH.
Not only does this appear to "reinvent the wheel", but it begs the question of
Distinct Identity?


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