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RE: SONET/Ethernet clock tolerance

I wanted to address the question below that you had in your email.  I would
agree that XGENIE would not be required across a SONET/SDH infrastructure.
What if the infrastructure is not SONET/SDH?  What if an infrastructure was
built over leased dark fiber that did not use SONET/SDH, but was 10G LAN
Ethernet?  My assumption is that the WAN PHY SONET/SDH OAM&P works well when
connecting to a SONET/SDH photonic network infrastructure.  If the network
infrastructure is not a SONET/SDH photonic network, then my assumption is
that the LAN PHY XGENIE OAM&P would be a nice addition.

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Subject: RE: SONET/Ethernet clock tolerance

The issue is: is it a worthwhile investment of effort to define an
XGENIE-based OA&M 
capability that duplicates functionality that could be more quickly derived
from the 
existing, well-proven, SONET/SDH infrastructure?