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Re: Interface reality check

Dear David,

> Your suggestion amounts to mapping L2 payloads into another L2 payload 
> (i.e. Ethernet MAC frames) prior to mapping into SONET/SDH. This would
> make the SONET/SDH ANSI/ITU standards activity dependent on IEEE.
> Such a cross-coupling would hinder progress in both IEEE and ANSI/ITU
> and is therefore undesirable.

I agree.  I apologize that comment was perhaps too "off-the-cuff".  

I was only trying to show that such mappings are possible in principle. 

The statement was T1X1-style payload support is not possible with
64b/66b coding.  Of course, this is false.  "Bits are bits", and any
general transmission system can "Turing emulate" any other channel or

I intended this as a counter example to disprove the original dogmatic
statement, not as a worked out proposal. 

Thanks for making the point clear.
Rick Walker