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RE: Interface reality check

At 11:07 AM 4/13/00, David Martin wrote:
>The issue with 66-bit alignment vs 8-bit alignment arises at the receive end.
>The SONET section framer provides a byte-aligned output. If the payload is
>byte aligned then the payload delineation mechanism can hunt directly. If the
>payload is 66-bit aligned, then the delineation mechanism must hunt on a bit
>by bit basis. Bit-slipping vs byte-slipping involves more circuitry.
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Now you have me confused.  I was under the impression that any
de-serialization process which converts a serial bit stream into
a parallel bit stream requires a single bit slip to gain alignment
to the delineators.  Here you are saying the SONET framer does
not require a single bit slip.  Can you please explain how the
SONET serial bit stream is converted to a parallel bit stream
without the single bit slips?

Thank you,


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