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RE: 66-bit alignment vs 8-bit alignment

Title: RE: 66-bit alignment vs 8-bit alignment


I've removed old text to try and make this easier to follow. My comments are

We have an objective to do a WAN PHY at OC-192c payload rate. I don't believe
there is any ruling that precludes also using some form of SONET section/line framing.
Doesn't the Frazier et. al. UniPHY proposal include it?

When the path payload is non-byte aligned, it is only an issue for the far end path
terminating equipment, not any intermediary SONET LTEs.

Agreed. The concern I have with the UniPHY solution is the loss of 3% thruput
due to the 64/66 encode.

The reason I didn't respond to that question is that I don't believe it is the relevant
comparison to make. The SONET section framer is common to both proposals. It is
the 64/66 delineation vs the <length><type><HEC> delineation that is appropriate
to compare. As offered earlier to Osamu, we're preparing gate count estimates to
quantify our proposal.

I meant that the circuitry wasn't doing anything productive. I wasn't sniping.


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