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Re: 850 nm solutions



> The big question, does it make sense for every applications to use 4 lanes of 8B/10B data to
> generate 10 gig?
> For many applications it does, allows implementation of flexible backplane and ASIC interface.

It doesn't make sense for any application to use a 25% overhead code to achieve flexible backplane
and ASIC interfaces when there are a number of other coding/scrambling methods with or without
error correction available to us today.  Though I support the efforts in 8b10b because it is what
the industry feels most comfortable with, I personally oppose 8b10b because I think it is a back
step for the success of high speed midplane development.

> XAUI allows the development of multiple technology:
> XAUI allows the development of multiple optical technologies, at time were we don't know which
> one is the clear winner.  No body is forced to use XAUI, it is not an external interface.

Though no one will be forced to use it, I suspect that XAUI will become more popular for midplane
development then other interfaces because it will support a 10gig data pipe as opposed to the max
size of the other interfaces such as Infiniband.  I suspect the same will be true for the network
processor groups, as well.  To me, there is no question about it.  XUAI will be a well defined
interface made by several companies at a commodity price - seems like a great fit for almost any
high speed project.

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