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RE: Subject: Survey of lengths of installed optical fiber cable


The standardization not only makes equipment interoperable, but it is more
important that the process can create multiple suppliers to provide
competitive price, easy access, and better service for users.

The short cable (jumper cable) for intra-cabinet connections can be
generated from the shortest cable length standard; for example, 100 meter
(maximum) standard.  The 100 meter (maximum) standard will be the most
cost-effective technology among others.

Users can use the 100 meter standard, common parts to create 10 meter cable
(or shorter cable) by just using a shorter cable.  The users are benefited
from the standard, common parts to obtain better availability, service, and
price in addition to interoperability.

This is the same reason we like to standardize the 40 km length cable, and
it is no difference for a short cable.  For 10 GbE, LAN and WAN markets are
one integrated market.  We should make both LAN and WAN equally market
friendly.  If there are not much 10 GbE traffic generated from LAN, there is
no need for a 40 km cable.


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It seems to me that the links of which you speake are, by nature,
proprietary. If this is the case, interoperability isn't much of an

That being the case, I think people will design links which best fit the
idiosyncratic needs of their systems, be they short haul serial or parallel
links, rather than look at 10GBE for a solution.