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Skip operation


The worst case XAUI lane-to-lane skew is 39 bits. Randomizing the /A/ spacing to
reduce the EMI of the Idle/IPG pattern still preserves a minimum Skip (/A/)
column spacing of 160 bits. A 160-bit Skip spacing supports the deskew of up to
160/2 = 80 bits. Given that some Skips may be removed by link elements, the
160-bit minimum spacing is more than adequate to handle the worst case XAUI
lane-to-lane skew.

I didn't want to confuse the issue further in our correspondence by including
the EMI reduction method which randomizes Skip spacing. However, it should be
clear that the MINIMUM 160-bit Skip spacing is not compromized.  

Best Regards,


Boaz Shahar wrote:
> Rich,
> In your new slides you write again:
> "/A/ spacing is randomized: 16 min, 32 max (80-bit deskew capability)"
> How Come?
> I thought we agreed that 16 min IPG  supports Max skew of 40 (39) bits. So:
> Whats the max skew to be supported? And: Whats the MIN IPG to support that
> Max Skew?
> (Sorry for repeating the whole story again...)
> Boaz


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