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RE: Subject: Survey of lengths of installed optical fiber cable


You are correct.  But it's not the our duty to predetermine, or rule out,
the technology used in the link.  Only to identify potential applications
for Ethernet.  In the case of 10Gbps, 10GE links.....which can serve to
further proliferate the technology and volume leveraging.

In my opinion, the 802.3ae should be diligent in their efforts to identify
where the applications lie.  This would better help identify what PMD
solutions are the most cost effective fit.


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It seems to me that the links of which you speake are, by nature,
proprietary. If this is the case, interoperability isn't much of an

That being the case, I think people will design links which best fit the
idiosyncratic needs of their systems, be they short haul serial or parallel
links, rather than look at 10GBE for a solution.