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Re: PMD discussion


I thought about giving 8B/10B over 4-channel WDM a different name for my
"Wide/Coarse WDM LAN PCS/PMA" presentation in Ottawa:
However, I decided not to since doing so may only confuse the issue.

1) It is well understood that 8B/10B is the the primary proposal for the LAN WDM
2) Any name, such as "Hari" and "SUPI" will be removed by the committee in favor
of an architectural layer, sublayer or interface. For the WDM case, 8B/10B is
the PCS;
3) Idle pattern randomization is a minor attribute of the code which need not be
highlighted with a new name. The randomization is universally applicable to all
4-channel 8B/10B transports including XAUI and the WDM PCS.

Best Regards,

"Seto, Koichiro" wrote:
> [Date: 05/28/2000  From Seto]
> Yes, something called SUPI (Simple Universal PMD I/F) has been proposed by
> Paul Bottorff.  See his presentation at IEEE802.3ae May interim.  I assume
> this is a part of WAN PHY PMA.
> to Rich,
> I'd suggest that you give a new name for your 8B10B x 4ch coding scheme for
> WWDM which includes idle pattern randomization.  Any idea?
> Seto
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