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RE: PMD issues


The power figures probably will come from vendors.

As for EMI issue, since all PMDs are optical link, they should be no EMI
problems caused media.  The cabinet design is no difference from all
ordinary cabinet designs to implement good EMI design practice.

Although, some of the codes proposed have extra cares on EMI issue, which
may help some one and will not cause any reverse effect to anyone.


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Subject: PMD issues

Anyone can help me ?

As a system integrator, I need the following information:

1. PMD power consumption of  850 CWDM, 850 Serial, 1300 WWDM, 1500 WWDM. If
this information is not available, what is a difference (from power
consumption point of
view) between:

	- 850 CWDM, Serial 850 and 1300 WWDM PMDs for 300 m new MMF;
	- 1300 WWDM and 1300 Serial PMDs for 10 km SMF;
	- 1300 WWDM and Serial 1500 PMDs for 40 km SMF;

2. What is preferred solution (from EMI point of view) in each distance
category ?


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