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RE: PMD discussion

  I am detecting three unwritten objectives.  These appear to be swaying our
decision making process.  The point of this email is to point out the
unwritten objectives and see if there is consensus that these should indeed
be swaying our decisions:
Unwritten Objectives:
1) 300-m over installed 62/125 multi-mode fiber (the "real" installed base)
2) <100-m over multi-mode fiber (cheap computer-room interconnects)
3) 80 to 100km over "new" single mode fiber (dark-fiber WAN applications)

Unwritten objective number one means we must have 1300 WWDM.
Unwritten objective number two means we must have an 850-nm solution
Unwritten objective number three means we must have a 1550-nm solution

I don't know what vote it takes to delete a non-objective, but eliminating
number 3) above would allow 1300-nm serial to serve the 2 to 40-km space and
rid us of two PMD variants (1550 serial and WDM).  Any takers?

Robert Marsland
Focused Research, Inc. (a New Focus company)
555 Science Dr.
Madison, WI 53711
(608) 238 2455
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