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Title: WISardry

Rich Taborek,

I have a question for clarification regarding your last presentation in Ottawa:

Looking at slide 9, the "WDM LAN -> WAN" sketch, specifically the left-hand
stack in the Bridge, with the WIS. The service interface to the WDM LAN
PCS is the XGMII, which passes MAC frames.

  1. The bottom of the WIS expects/generates SONET-like frames, not MAC
  2. frames. What is the diagram intended to illustrate?

    The LAN PCS service interface operates at a 10.0G data rate.

  3. The service interface of the WIS operates at 9.58464G. Is there an assumed
  4. Referring to the right-hand stack in the Bridge, the ITU-T side.

  5. If MAC frames are what is passed between the left/right sides, then there needs

to be an encapsulation function on the top right with a full SONET/SDH framer
below it, feeding into the Serdes. Is that what the empty box includes?


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Nortel Networks
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