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Re: PMD discussion


I would say that your second unwritten objective is very well written,
if it is stated correctly:

   2) at least 100 meters on installed MMF

which makes an 850nm 4-WDM solution very desirable.

Jaime E. Kardontchik
Micro Linear
San Jose, CA 95131

Rob Marsland wrote:

> Hello,
>   I am detecting three unwritten objectives.  These appear to be swaying our
> decision making process.  The point of this email is to point out the
> unwritten objectives and see if there is consensus that these should indeed
> be swaying our decisions:
> Unwritten Objectives:
> 1) 300-m over installed 62/125 multi-mode fiber (the "real" installed base)
> 2) <100-m over multi-mode fiber (cheap computer-room interconnects)
> 3) 80 to 100km over "new" single mode fiber (dark-fiber WAN applications)
> Unwritten objective number one means we must have 1300 WWDM.
> Unwritten objective number two means we must have an 850-nm solution
> Unwritten objective number three means we must have a 1550-nm solution
> I don't know what vote it takes to delete a non-objective, but eliminating
> number 3) above would allow 1300-nm serial to serve the 2 to 40-km space and
> rid us of two PMD variants (1550 serial and WDM).  Any takers?
> Rob
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