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20 ppm clock tolerance for WIS

Gary, Howard:
	For the benefit of those who could not make it to your presentation in 
Ottawa,  could you clarify some of the issues that you raise.

You mention that the "cost difference between +/-20ppm and +/-100ppm 
oscillators is a tiny fraction of the total cost of a 10GigE  interface".
Could you perhaps substantiate this statement with quantitative input (some 
real numbers).  My understanding is that the +-100ppm tolerance was 
specified only to keep the cost down (as the cost differential between a 
20ppm solution and 100ppm solution is perceived to be significant).

You recommend using "LAN PHY jitter specs".  This makes the WIS 
incompatible with installed base SONET . This doesn't seem to meet your 
goal of being compatible with installed OC-192 SONET 
infrastructure.  Please clarify.