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RE: Nomenclature update


The Mbps is not hidden.  It is actually defined in clause 1.2.3.

Frankly, I don't care if we call it 10kBASE-, 10GBASE- or 10,000BASE-, as
long as the Task Force as a whole supports it, and 802 and 802.3 are okay
with it.  The reason I didn't use 10GBASE- was that it wasn't correct based
upon our current standard.


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		It is just my personal opinion.  I'm not sure how this has
been defined in
		 IEEE802, but I feel that in 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and so on,
the letter 
		'M' describing 'Megabit per second' is somewhat hidden.  It
is not that it
		 was non-existent.  According to this theory, the 10Gi
Ethernet can be 
		called '10GBASE-xxx' rather than '10kBASE-xxx'.  
		I think it is much easier for users/market to understand.
People usually 
		do not say '10kilo Megabit per second'.  They would just say
		per second."


		> Greetings,
		> This is an update to the nomenclature presentation that I
gave in Ottawa
		> last week.
		> Comments? Suggestions?
		> Thanks,
		> Brad
		> Brad Booth
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		> Editor, IEEE P802.3ae
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