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Re: PMD discussion

Jack, Ken,

As a 10 Gbps PHY chip vendor. I will reinforce Ken's statement. Some of the
earliest 10 Gbps chips to hit the market are/will be XGMII to 4 lane serial.
Generally speaking, these devices are applicable to WDM, parallel optics, PCB
traces, and copper cable applications.

Best Regards,

Ken Herrity wrote:
> Jack,
> With regards to your second point:
> "IC issues are nearly equal for all 3 serial approaches.  But neither of the
> WDM solutions have anywhere near this level of broad-based support."
> Blaze is currently working with 10 IC companies that either currently have,
> will have or are planning to make chip sets to support the WDM solutions.
> Best regards,
> Ken
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> Bruce,
> Your comments are well taken, though I feel compelled to comment on some of
> them.  All in the spirit of building a clearer picture so that transceiver
> vendors and system vendors can make a better decision soon.  Following your
> format:
> 1) Parallel solutions do not appear destined for 802.3ae adoption.  A serial
> solution seems most suitable for this space.
> 2) Sooner or later everyone has to upgrade.  I don't see any proposals to
> support 100's of meters of copper wire for 10GbE.  But I won't try to tell
> you if this is the right time or not to recommend your customers to pull
> upgraded fiber.  And I agree, the merits of choosing SMF for that upgrade
> are very strong.
>         Since Picolight demonstrated a working 10Gig transponder at the the
> Networld & Interop tradeshow, I must disagree that "they are all
> demonstrations of upgrades to technology and products customers already have
> installed."  No offense taken since it was a recent demo.  However,
> excluding parallel solutions which are not destined for 802.3ae adoption, it
> is clear that the 850nm serial solution has the greatest "broad-based
> support" in terms of feasibility demonstrations of any 10GbE candidate PMDs.
> The serial 1310 and 1550 approaches also have a great deal of realness since
> they also exist in the telecom market.  IC issues are nearly equal for all 3
> serial approaches.  But neither of the WDM solutions have anywhere near this
> level of broad-based support.
> Hope you don't mind if the last comment went beyond responding to your
> email.
> Regards,
> Jack
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