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RE: PMD discussion


I always appreciate your valuable inputs from your actual, broad market
experience.  This one is no differences.

I agree with you there are overlaps in 5-PMDs, shorter is better, and this
complex issue needs inputs of all different reasoning.  We have to keep
discussing to narrow the differences.

One thing I noticed from your earlier comments that you need short jumpers
(VSR, below 100 meter), but you can handle it without standardization may
not be a good suggestion for the whole industry.  For the whole industry and
market, we should standardize all PMDs within IEEE 802.3ae specification
without exception.


Edward S. Chang
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Multiple options confuse the market when they overlap and the set of 5
options contains substantial overlap.

It is legitimate for informed people to disagree on complex issues and for
us to have difficulty converging on the short list of PMDs.

But everyone should be absolutely clear that the shorter the list is the
better both for market growth and for ease of completing the specification.


At 09:22 AM 6/1/00 -0400, Edward Chang wrote:

>Ed and Jay:
>In general it is true that with a given size of a pie, the more people
>the same pie, the smaller share  each one gets.
>However, the 10 GbE PMDs are not in one same pie, in stead, it consists of
>few distinctly different pies.  For example, the pie of VSR below 100 meter
>connections among equipment of a computer room is totally different from 40
>km MAN pie.  They do not share pies at all.
>Important thing we have to do is to provide enough PMD options for the
>future market to grow.
>Some PMD companies has all different PMD products to meet each different
>market needs.
>Edward S. Chang
>NetWorth Technologies, Inc.
>Tel: (610)292-2870
>Fax: (610)292-2872
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>Good point Jay. I am not in favor of splitting up the pie anymore than we
>have to. And speaking from a PMD supplier perspective, the fewer projects
>need to fund and resource the better for time to market and time to cost.
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> > Ed,
> >
> > I agree with you for the most part. It's important to remember, however,
> > that each time we split the pie by adding another PMD, the volume of
> > goes down and the price of each goes up. Price deltas are a slippery
> > slope.
> >
> > Jay
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