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Title: WIS OH

Gary, Osamu,

Regarding the need for B2/M1. My thinking behind proposing B1 & B3/G1 only is that
B1 is sufficient for fault isolation, and B3/G1 can serve adequately for performance
monitoring in the typical BER operating range (a carrier can tap in with Intermediate
Path Performance Monitoring - IPPM).

Regarding the need for K1-2. I was thinking that protection switching in the LAN is
not a traditional feature. In the WAN, optical layer protection could be used.

Roy has suggested using J1 Path Trace. I can see value in that. But I believe if we
add more OH beyond the WIS proposal (i.e. B1, B3/G1, J0), save J1, we'll be
crossing the line from compatible to compliant & adding unnecessary cost.


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