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RE: PMD discussion


Currently, there are 3 PMDs for this portion of the market.  The 850nm
serial PMD only satisfies one distance objective; whereas, the others cover
more.  The relative cost figures indicate that the 850nm WDM PMD will be
close or equal to that of the 850nm serial PMD.  My other consideration is
that 850nm serial PMD is being specified elsewhere.  The 850nm serial PMD
does have a number of transceiver supporters at this time, but I believe the
other PMDs have gained support.

As was stated in York, every member has a right to rank which criteria they
see as being the most important.  Based upon what I see as the market for
which I have to provide products, the 850nm serial PMD gets a low ranking
for inclusion in the standard.


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		There are no PMDs in the set of 5 that do not meet at least
one of the
		objectives. As far as the 850 nm serial PMD, I believe I
made a strong case
		at the May interim as to why it also broadly meets the
criteria. 80% of the
		market for 10GbE will be under 300 m. A solution optimized
for this large a
		portion of the market has broad market application
regardless of the number
		of distance objectives it covers. 

		To your point on a small subset getting 100% majority, the
indication of the
		straw poll from the May interim is that down selecting below
5 PMDs this is
		going in the wrong direction to achieve consensus. The poll
indicated that
		the 5 PMD set was favored by roughly 2 to 1 compared to the
		alternative of 3 PMDs. Further, I believe that the 3 PMDs
are not the same 3
		among the supporters of that choice, which subdivides the
support. From my
		perspective an inclusive approach will work better than an
		approach in getting to consensus. In an inclusive approach
you get the PMDs
		you prefer, while others also get the PMDs they prefer. If
you really
		believe the market will be best served by some subset of the
PMDs, you are
		free to use only those. 

		Paul Kolesar