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Re: PMD discussion


I  believe you misunderstood my mail to conclude your comments too quickly.

I never mentioned that I like the 12.5 Gbps 8B/10B coding to be replaced by  
10.3125 Gbps 64b/66b.   

We are discussing serial vs parallel issues.

We are too much involved in resolving PMD issues right now, and I believe no 
one is interested in bring the coding scheme back to reflector at this moment.

Please do not intiate this one.  let us focuse on PMD issues.


Ed Chang   


 The benefit of using existing components, testing, staffing, packaging at ~10
 Gbps as opposed to 12.5 Gbps can not be overstated. As you say yourself
 frequently: "There's no free lunch". The price of lunch is a bit more
 complexity. However, this is an excellent tradeoff. 
 64B/66B improves "time to market" by moving development from expensive, 
 and non-existant optics to relatively straightforward digital logic.
 Since you are still pushing this tangent based on your latest response, I 
 that you believe that 64B/66B will INCREASE time to market for any PMDs that 
 it. My sense is exactly the opposite. That is, using 8B/10B @ 12.5 Gbps 
 will increase time to market based on the "long pole" development of 12.5 
 laser and other optoelectronic components, test equipment, etc. 
 Best Regards,