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RE: Nomenclature poll...

I've been giving more thought to this too.  What I've come up with is the
*	10GBASE-VX - 850nm serial LAN (V for VSR)
*	10GBASE-MX - 1310nm serial LAN (M for Metro)
*	10GBASE-EX - 1550nm serial LAN
*	10GBASE-SX - 850nm WDM LAN
*	10GBASE-LX - 1310nm WDM LAN

The WAN implementations would substitute "W" for the "X".

If the number of PMDs should drop, we could realign the favorite suffixes


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	I have been giving this much thought.  I would like to come in with
support of a modified version of your option #2.  I would like
	to see:
	< wavelength >< # of wavelengths >< coding scheme >< # of
conductors/fibers >.

	This keeps the wavelength designators next to each other as stated
by Paul Kolesar (6/1/00).  Putting the number of conductors or
	fibers at the very end is consistent with previous versions of 802.3
such as 100BaseT4.

	Thank you,
	Roy Bynum