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Re: PMD Compromise


I suppose that I can live with four, but I'd propose thst the 1.3u WWDM is
a better match with .85u serial for mmf. Unlike the .85u WWDM, the 1.3u
part allows 300m on "in the wall 62.5" fibre. For new, extended bandwidth
mmf applications, the .85u serial part can cover these reaches and more. I
don't really see an advantage in using the .85u WWDM, save a possible
small, short term piece price differential which I don't honestly feel
exists outside of marketing slides.

Upon reflection, I agree with you on the 1.3u vs. 1.55u smf issue. If
people want to go truly long haul in native Ethernet, there needs are
outside the scope of this standard.